Artpreneur is a collective of dance and arts professionals, semi-professionals and dance supporters developing and contributing to the future of art in our smaller and wider communities. The members are from age 16 to 60 and are committed to sharing their passion, knowledge and skills with everyone.

.Artpreneur Finland is a community and collective of several Finnish and international art actors. Leading the projects are Mr. Njara Rasolomanana as the Artistic Director and Mrs. Saara Saturo as the Project Director.


1. Increasing the audience for dance and art in Finland

2. Creating job opportunities for artists and young dancers living in Finland

3. Organizing high-level dance events to attract visitors from all around the world to Finland

4. Promoting multiculturalism by building and maintaining the cultural bridge between Africa and Finland

While working towards our goal as a community, we also want to deal with social challenges; social exclusion, cultural differences and to promote multiculturalism and equality.


We want to use dance to bring people together and to spread happiness and joy.

We also want to make  dance accessible to new audiences

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