A Multidisciplinary performance with multicultural artists exploring the state of “being” through a fusion of body movement and expressions of afro contemporary/ hip hop /breakdance artists with street art/graffiti/painting.

Artistic team:

Choreography and artistic direction: Njara Rasolomanana (Madagascar)

Street art/ graffiti/ painting and artistic direction: Viv Magia (Viivi Vierinen, Finland)

Dancers: Njara Rasolomanana (Madagascar), Patrick Ravelomanantsoa (Madagascar), Edwin Mokaya (Kenya)

Being Here… 


Accepting the position of “us” as humans in this universe, the material and immaterial existence around the visible the invisible and us. The sounds and forms that shapes our “being” at this right moment. The warmth and the cold that we endure in relation to the spatial aura it is giving us without our control.


Being Trapped….here and now

Temporal rootedness can be situationally induced and threatened with consequences for well-being. This questions the state of the “human being” when “being human” is forced to adapt to unexpected change in the reality until an unknown timeframe.“The human being” has explored, presumed his roots and origins. Created his beliefs through out its existence, survived, reproduced, developed and engaged actions toward the preservation of “being a human”.

Our freedom of existing has trapped us here and now in the consequence of our own culture of “being”.

We always live in expectation of a future, which of course never happens.


Being The power …here and now

Mother earth

The universe can be considered as a blind energy. Man’s intelligence, values and consciousness in the world is finding further potential and value for exploration into this sense of belonging.

Mother Earth is a living being in the universe that concentrates energy and life, while giving shelter and life to all without asking anything in return, she is the past, present and future.