A Multidisciplinary performance with multicultural artists exploring the state of “being” through a fusion of body movement and expressions of afro contemporary/ hip hop /breakdance artists with street art/graffiti/painting.

Artistic team:

Choreography and artistic direction: Njara Rasolomanana (Madagascar)

Street art/ graffiti/ painting and artistic direction: Viv Magia (Viivi Vierinen, Finland)

Dancers: Njara Rasolomanana (Madagascar), Patrick Ravelomanantsoa (Madagascar), Edwin Mokaya (Kenya)

Contemporary expression through painting and dance, colors and movement:


Painting and dance comes from the same creative impulse we have inside. The process of creating movement and performance, as well as creating painting are like talking with the same language but with a different medium. It is searching and finding, combining elements together. Exploring and observing.


It brings totally new elements to the finality when thinking about painting as a part of the movement, not only a still piece as usual. This leads both of the creatives to this interaction, which enables and demands the research and exploration as a collective experience. It creates internal connections between visual arts and dance.


All the stage elements including dancers, carpets, walls and others, become “canvas” for a painter to express and explore. They become elements that make a viewer travel as soon as they see the visual appearance. For the dancers and the audience it creates a special assimilation of belonging in the piece.