For Peace
For Peace is an annual dance event organized by Artpreneur Finland association. The aim of this multicultural event is to promote equality, Peace, Love and unity in the community.

Artistic Director: Ndjara

1-For Peace
A dance performance by the Artpreneur Finland Community that consists of dancers of all ages and backgrounds with the theme of “Peace” and different things it can mean in our world.

Performances by:
- Funky Fossils (Finland)
- Contagious Dance Crew (Finland)
- Di Afro (Finland)
- La Belle Hip Hop Production (Belgium –Finland)

2-Monstre Toi! (Monster you!)
Vakana Afro Dance Group (Finland)
Choregraphy: Njara Rasolo (Madagascar)
This production is to raise awareness about the importance of Peace and for every action we do toward climate change.
Mon (s)tre toi !
“Montre-toi” (French) means “show your self”, “monstre toi” is also interpreted “you monster!”
The actions of world leaders are sometimes inhuman, monstrous and destructive. As destructive as the
hurricanes, cyclones and drought that now worsen than previous years. The population in 3rd world countries is suffering, rain forests burning into hashes, the source of Oxygen in our planet is disappearing due to…what..!? Human’s need of survival mixed with the desire for power and fast wealth?
The protests around the globe about climate change have been loud and clear about what the population wants from their leaders.
But what are people really willing to change in their everyday life to help climate change crisis... montre-toi!? “Show your self”.


3- "BEING"
By: Ndjara Dance Company (Madagascar-Finland)
and Viv Magia (Finland)
A futuristic Afro-urban contemporary dance production.
Questions the current state of the “human being” when “being human” is forced to adapt to an "unexpected changes" until an unknown timeframe.
The perception during the sudden shift to the unknown might brings every human to restart their journey towards a new destination from where it all wildly started, what to do and not do, appreciate his existence and respect other “BEING” living soul in his environment." Being"! remind the humans of its co-existence with the visible and the invisible.

Tickets: 20 Euros





Supported by:
- Helsinki City
- Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike)
- La Belle Hip Hop International
- Redi
- Ndjara Dance and Event
- Arpreneur Finland