I am a Dancer, Choreographer and Artistic Director based in Finland. My career as a dancer started in 2000 with the urban dance company "Up The Rap“ in which we did research on the similarities in our traditional dances and in urban dance as existing in Hip Hop cultures (Locking, Popping, Hip hop and Breaking)


As a choreographer and artist, I have been experimenting with professional and non-professional dancers/artists and have developed my own approach which I named "Reactions“ – that is reactions to all different forms of dance, movement, and body language.

"Reactions“ as an approach has been created throughout the different exchanges and training I attended with many choreographers in many different disciplines (from African dances to contemporary dance to theatre performances) all around the world.


In this approach and especially in the forms of urban/street dance my idea of "reactions“ has become a method to work on the unforeseen, "the unexpected", and "the incalculable". 


This includes movements that tend to be alien to "normal“ human movements as it is also the case in styles such as Krumping, Breaking or Popping.

Work in progress:  “BEING”

Premiere; 26.09.2020

Venue: Musiikkitalo, Helsinki Finland 

A futuristic Afro-urban contemporary dance production.

Questions the current state of the “human being” when “being human” is forced to adapt to an "unexpected changes" in reality until an unknown timeframe.

“The human being” has explored, presumed his roots and origins. Created his believes throughout its existence, survived, reproduced, developed and engaged actions toward the preservation of “being a human”.

“Being a human” may vary according to the geographical position and the material and immaterial existence around him.

The perception during the sudden shift to the unknown might brings every human to restart their journey towards a new destination from where it all wildly started, what to do and not do, appreciate his existence and respect other “BEING” living soul in his environment.


Being! remind the humans of its co-existence with the visible and the invisible.

Latest creation:

IS THIS A HUMAN? (2018-2020)

An Afrofuturistic STREET/RITUAL/OPERA-PERFORMANCE about the Future of the Human in the Anthropocene By Njara Rasolomanana (Madagascar)  Compagnie Zora Snake (Cameroon), kainkollektiv (Germany).

In coproduction with Ringlokschuppen Ruhr Mülheim, FFT Düsseldorf, Kampnagel Hamburg, tak Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg Berlin, Goethe institut co-production Fund .

Phase 1: Cameroun, November 2018, Festival Moda-perf


Phase 2: Madagascar. October 2019, Festival Ambony Ambany


Phase 3: Germany, February -April 2020,

27.&28.3.2020:Ringlokschuppen Ruhr, MülheIL
3., 4. & 5.4.2020: Kampnagel Kulturfabrik,  Hamburg
13. & 14.4.2020: TAK Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg, Berlin
17. & 18.4.2020: FFT Düsseldorf