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In Helsinki, Finland, Njara Rasolomanana works as a dance teacher, dancer, choreographer and artistic Director. Together with Artpreneur Finland Association, they have produced many international dance projects such as Battle 4 Peace, Battle of The Year Nordic Baltic, la Belle Hip Hop Nordic, and many more.

This year They are focusing on our new festival AMBONY AMBANY, also known as UpsideDown, is a vibrant dance festival celebrating the rich diversity and multifaceted nature of African dance. The festival highlights the social, cultural, and traditional aspects of African dance, as well as its historical significance and artistic values.


Purpose and platform:

The festival provides a dynamic platform for African-born artists, both from the continent and the diaspora, to showcase their work. Ambony Ambany is a festival for dancers, choreographers, and artistic directors to present their creations in a versatile space that they can adapt to suit their creative vision. This flexibility allows artists to engage in a form of artistic dialogue that blends ritualistic, theatrical, and spiritual elements, fostering a unique interaction between the cultural landscapes of the Global South and North.

His career as a dancer started in 2000 with the Hip Hop dance company "Up The Rap." The company researched the similarities between traditional dances and urban dance forms found in Hip Hop cultures. 

Njara continued on the same research path and added more intensive training in Contemporary and African dance. 

Today, he works as a dance teacher for his studio in Helsinki and Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki.

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